1. Setup an account

Once you have decided on which fuel card is best for you, apply via our online application form or call our experts who will be happy to help. Your company will hold an account with ourselves. On this account you can have as many or as few fuel cards as you need and they can be assigned to either a vehicle or driver. For example, if you have 4 cars you might want one card per vehicle with the vehicle registration number printed on each card, alternatively you might have 3 members of staff that use company vehicles and so would require 3 cards printed with their names on.

2. Use your cards

Once you have received your fuel cards, simply distribute them to who will be using them. Your drivers will fill up at one of the sites on our network, pay for the fuel with their new fuel card (no need to use their own cash/cards). We will then send you an invoice and take the payment later by direct debit, depending on the terms of your chosen card.

3. Simple invoicing

Our invoices are itemised showing where & when each transaction took place along with the quantity of litres bought and the price charged for those litres, enabling you to identify opportunities to improve driver efficiency. These invoices are HMRC-compliant making your administration simpler and eliminating the need for receipts.

Find out what a fuel card is here.