Help reduce some of the negative effects of the CO2 your vehicles produce

EcoPoint is a carbon credits programme for The Fuelcard Company cardholders. It works by supporting a portfolio of projects around the world that reduce the impact of CO2 emissions– including, forest creation, forest protection, renewable energy, industrial process improvement and transportation efficiency.

EcoPoint is administered through PDI Sustainability Solutions. As a leader in the environmental industry, PDI Sustainability Solutions provide Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and patented sustainability solutions to businesses looking to reduce their carbon, plastic, water and energy footprints.

Each project shall follow internationally recognised quality assurance standards: The Gold Standard, Verra (VCS), American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, CSA Group Registries, Plan Vivo, and the United Nations CDM.

The process of quality assuring EcoPoint projects under one of the leading global standards, leads to the creation of carbon credits – each one representing the verified avoidance or capture of 1 tonne of CO2 emissions. EcoPoint invests in these credits, and therefore the underlying projects, on behalf of scheme members. To add EcoPoint to your fuel card account for a small cost per card per month or to find out more call 0333 122 9064.