Where is the cheapest fuel?

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  • We look at how much a tank of diesel can cost you in the nation’s favourite van when you fill up in different places across the UK and how far that would get you.

    2017’s favourite van is the same as 2016’s; the Ford Transit Custom. However, how far can you travel in one of these beauties and how much will filling one up cost as you traverse Britain?

    Using the ‘reality’ statistics from Honest Jon’s Vans review website rather than the manufacturer’s specifications, we have worked out that the 2.2 TDCi 170Ps engine of a 2017 model holds 80 litres in its tank, travelling 46mpg.

    Using clever maths, we have worked out that that means a Ford Transit Custom can travel 809 miles on a single tank. But, how much would travelling that far cost?

    Using data from Allstar on the week commencing 18th February 2018, the cheapest station to buy diesel was Sainsbury’s in Edinburgh at 112.9p. While out the way, filling up to the brim at this station would cost £90.32; 11p per mile.

    Conversely, the average max diesel price is currently 133.9p, costing £107.13; 13p per mile. And that’s not even the highest price out there. Allstar recorded some diesel pumps at 145.9p!

    As an average, diesel is currently 123.1p, meaning the average cost you can expect to fill your Ford Transit Custom is £98.45; 12p per mile.


    The benefit of fixed pricing

    Fuel pump prices fluctuate every week, meaning that the price you see this week is unlikely to be the same next week. To manage your finances and avoid any unwanted surprises in your fuel costs, you can opt to have fixed pricing for your fuel. Through fixed pricing, a nationwide diesel price, based on the 'bulk' market, is set weekly. This fixed 'bulk' or 'bunker' price is usually lower than pump-price and can offer significant savings on fuel costs for diesel fleets. Fixed-price fuel cards are designed for high-level draw users, like hauliers.


    How far can you get?

    809 miles would mean that you could travel from Dover to John O’Groats with 38 miles left over, however, John O’Groats to Lands’ End would leave you 28 miles short.

    If you were up for the diversion, there aren’t many places you couldn’t go from to get to the cheapest fuel in the UK, but the problem would be getting away again without using up the cheap fuel.

    It’s better to try to keep your fuel use economical with these quick tips:

    • Conglomerate trips so that you are doing fewer overall journeys,

    • Drive the slowest speed possible in the highest gear you can

    • Accelerate and decelerate slowly and smoothly, maintaining momentum

    • Don’t carry around unnecessary weight

    • Turn off the air conditioning