Things to do in London when time isn’t on your side

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  • Have you ever been to a business meeting in a beautiful city but been unable to experience the sites and attractions it has to offer due to travel time constraints? According to market research company Mintel, 62% of us are frustrated that we don’t get to explore more while on a business trip.

    Whether travelling by road, train or plane, we will be creating a series of blogs for those popular cities that we get to experience for business but never pleasure, with a selection of activities that you can opt for given your specific travel time constraints.

    Here’s an eclectic mix of ways to experience London when time isn’t on your side!

    Camden Markets  Estimated time: 2 hours

    If it’s a breath of fresh air that you’re after, look no further than the rustic and iconic Camden Markets. With trinkets and items as far as the eye can see, you’ll get an authentic feel of London’s charm in a time-effective, character-filled stroll! You may even pick up a bargain or two. With Camden being a popular stop on the Northern Line and only a few stops away from King's Cross, you’ll still make it back for your train.

    Top of The Shard  Estimated time: 1 hour

    If you can’t get across the city in your short time there, get above it! The observation deck, or ‘The View’ at the top of The Shard of the London Skyline offers views of the whole city. This is a great flexible option as the views are great both night and day, so whenever you can fit it in, go for it, you won’t regret it. With The Shard being in the centre of the business district, there is always a quick and easy mode of transport nearby (buses, tube trains, taxis) and there is a chance that you’re probably closer to this great landmark than you realise.

    Climb Westminster Cathedral Bell Tower, Victoria  Estimated time: 1 hour

    We are all aware of London’s famous and iconic Houses of Commons and Westminster Abbey. However, Westminster Cathedral is often overlooked as an attraction and is all the more attractive for it. Located centrally near Victoria Tube station and train station, the distinctive Byzantine-style building’s 83-metre bell tower can be climbed, offering impressive views of the city and hopefully, a few moments’ solitude.

    Pay respects at Postman’s Park – Estimated time: as long as you need

    A peaceful, poignant spot near St Paul’s Cathedral, Postman’s Park on King Edward Street, EC1, pays tribute to the unheralded heroes who sacrificed their lives to save others’. A series of tiles printed with text details their selfless, fatal acts of bravery. Expect to be enthralled and encouraged by the stories you read.

    Get your voice heard at Speakers’ Corner – Estimated time: until your throat gets sore

    Whether you want to listen to inspiring orators and deliberate antagonists have their say at Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner or even want to join them (since 1872 it’s been permissible to speak about whatever you wish here, as long as you avoid obscene language), this is a fantastic central location away from the shopping hoards to experience something a little out of the ordinary.


    How do you kill time in the capital when you have a break from business? Let us know on Twitter @TheFuelcardCo