Eight bizarre laws you should remember while on the road

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  • Most of us consider ourselves well accustomed to the rules of the road, and how to keep on the right side of the law when we get behind the wheel. Yet, like many types of laws, road rules can sometimes be hard to adapt to, or just plain bizarre. We have put together a collection of road laws from around the world that will make you scratch your head and want to dig out a copy of The Highway Code

    1. Taken to the cleaners - Russia

    We’ve all let our cars get into conditions that we’re not proud of but did you know that Russian citizens need to keep on top of their messy cars or they will face on-the-spot fines!

    2. No blind folds! - USA

    If a law is introduced to set a precedent, we are curious about the story behind the statute. In the American state of Alabama, it is illegal to drive while blindfolded… if you know the story behind this one.

    3. Lighten up - Sweden

    A progressive country on the whole, especially on eco-related matters. However, Sweden’s environmental consciousness appears to have been abandoned when it comes to one of its road laws which states drivers must always have their headlights on, regardless of the time of day - morning, noon and night. We understand that they have some long nights in Sweden but headlights at midday feels a bit bizarre to us.  

    4. Dos?- Spain

    For those who are visually impaired in the UK it is understandably illegal to drive without glasses. Yet in Spain, the driver must also have a backup pair of glasses at hand or risk breaking the law! Those two for one deals are looking more tempting now…

    5. Swings and roundabouts - Georgia

    For those who didn’t know already, Georgia has a specific road law stating that it is illegal to drive through a children’s playground. Those who need to be made aware of such a law probably shouldn’t be on the road in the first place.

    6. Drink but not drunk - Costa Rica

    A strange almost contradictory law exists in Costa Rica, which allows a driver to drink alcohol while behind the wheel, yet if found with over 0.75% alcohol in their blood stream they will be arrested. In our opinion, it’s better consuming this in a pub with a few mates – leave drinking and driving as separate entities.

    7. Water load of rubbish - Cyprus

    From one extreme to the other - in Cyprus it is completely prohibited to eat or drink anything while driving. Even drinking from a bottle of water is forbidden, so make sure you hydrate before you hit the old Cypriot roads!

    8. No fuel, no excuses - Germany

    Thinking you can make that journey without a fuel top-up is a bit of an oversite, but nevertheless one that occurs occasionally. Yet, if you were to do so on a German motorway you would be breaking the law. This seems harsh, yet the German ‘autobahns’ have no legal speed limit, so slowing down on these roads could be disastrous for those drivers that use them to drive at high speeds.

    What is the most bizarre driving law you’ve heard of? Let us know on Facebook