Do you own the UK’s favourite vehicle?

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  • Whether your car or van is a Ford or a Skoda, Mercedes-Benz or Suzuki, you probably have a bond with it. We have tracked down the UK’s top ten favourite vehicles; where does yours come on the list?


    10. Volkswagen Transporter

    Volkswagen’s T6 Transporter Van is the winner of Van of the Year 2016. With impressive safety systems, excellent fuel economy, touchscreen displays and Bluetooh as standard, they are definitely worth the praise.


    9. Mercedes C-Class

    A premium model, the Mercedes C-Class is in the list due to its reliability as a fleet and business car. Looking like a small S-Class and alongside its beautiful interiors and good residual values, it easily sways buyers.


    8. Volkswagen Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo’s blend of image, cabin space and ease to drive means it’s been a steady seller. Now in its fifth generation, and soon to have a new model, it offers a touch of class and sophistication to your usual drive around.


    7. Vauxhall Astra

    The latest generation of Vauxhall Astra, launched in 2015, is well equipped with sharp handling and economical engines. As a true product of Britain – it is made in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire – its style, driving ability and fuel economy awarded it the Best Compact Family Car at the 2016 New Car Awards.


    6. Vauxhall Corsa

    The latest generation of the Vauxhall Corsa arrived in 2014, with options between the 74bhp 1.4-litre petrol option to the 202bhp snorting VXR version. Competitively prices, it drives well, has a smooth design and has competitive specs.


    5. Ford Transit Custom

    The most popular van in the UK is still the Ford Transit Custom, which sold almost twice the number of the second- most popular. Arguably the best all-round van on sale, it’s spacious, sporty and simple to drive.


    4. Nissan Qashqai

    A decade since the Nissan Qashqai arrives, it’s hatchback size and SUV pretentions prove a huge draw for customers. It is now the best selling SUV in the country, and after receiving a ‘facelift’ a few months ago, it keeps dynamic, economic and interior standards high.


    3. Volkswagen Golf

    Another classic name in motoring, the Volkswagen Golf keeps standards high. The newly introduced 2017 version, has improved engines and minor styling tweaks, but it’s  the Golf’s iconic name, guaranteeing quality, that keeps buyers wanting more.


    2. Ford Focus

    A favourite with families ever since its first generation in 1999, the Ford Focus is another solid best seller. The current model hasn’t strayed too far from the original, offering impressive driving at a brilliant price. With a strong, economical engine range, good-looking and appealing, it offers a lot of quality for the price.


    1. Ford Fiesta

    Dominating the sales charts, the Ford Fiesta shows no signs of changing, although its latest incarnation is now eight years old and its replacement is soon to arrive. The Fiesta is hugely impressive, boasting interior quality and smooth engine range, offering a leisurely driving experience.


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