Deterring thieves by dyeing diesel

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  • Dynamo, a scheme run by the Derbyshire Dales Community Safety Partnership, is seeking to deter thieves by dyeing the diesel in tanks which makes it identifiable when tracked by police or sold on. 

    Tarmac, the Derbyshire construction materials manufacturer, was first to sign up to the scheme at its Dene Quarry site in Matlock. More companies are now following suit and installing the deterrent signs warning that their diesel has been security tagged. 

    Bleaklow Industries at their Backdale Quarry at Longstone Edge, as well as road haulage companies RD Geeson Limited of Middleton by Wirksworth and K & H Bakewell Limited, have all joined the scheme. 

    Jim Hollingworth, Spokesman for K & H Bakewell Limited, said: “Fuel theft is a serious issue and we can help keep people safe by warning thieves of the potential dangers of trespassing onto working sites to obtain fuel illegally.”

    Working with HM Customs, the operation ensures vehicles are stopped and their tank dipped to find out if the dyed diesel is on the roads.

    Sergeant Phil Hollington, of Derbyshire police, said: “Fuel theft is currently low in the Dales, but we are conscious that high prices might attract interest in storage tanks and lorry fuel tanks. That’s why we would encourage more businesses to sign up to Operation Dynamo – we will help them take on board measures which will deter thieves.”

    Derbyshire Dales District Council Leader, Cllr Lewis Rose OBE, who is also chairman of the safety partnership, said: “We are proud of the Dales’ superb record as one of the lowest crime areas in the country, but we are not complacent. We are delighted more businesses are signing up to Operation Dynamo because initiatives such as this deter thieves and help us to maintain that record.”

    Contact Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Crime and Disorder Reduction Officer Karen Cooper on 01629 761187 or email to sign your business up to Operation Dynamo.

    In other motoring news, Coryton refinery, one of the largest in the UK, stopped fuel supplies on Monday as shares in its owner Petroplus were suspended. 

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